Rabbi: God Commands You Eat Like A Pig

In what is NOT a case of a remorseless glutton projecting egotistical rationalizations…

According to Rabbidiet-rabbi Efraim Zalmanovich of the central Israeli city of Mazkeret Batya, near Rehovot, Jews must not diet on Shabbat or the festivals. In fact, you really should just let it all go.

“Our Heavenly Father has guaranteed to cover all the expenses, and in general, diets that are not undertaken on the doctor’s orders are not desirable on the festivals or Shabbat.” [IsraelNationalNews.com]

So strap on a king-sized feed bag of gelfilte-knish, because according to Rabbi Zalmanovich, God will also be miraculously picking up the tab – no doubt on His solid gold Diner’s Club International card.

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