Fugitive Rabbi Was Tenant From Hell!

rabbi-horror-tennantI found it strange that they were able to afford the rental for so long, given that rabbis mostly live on contributions,” Strydom said.  “The children were writing on the walls. They (ran) every heater and air conditioning 24/7 – even when no one was home…”

“When the guy who ran the golf course approached them, they hit him with their Bibles. I had to stop the rabbi from having visitors because of the complaints…”

She said the last straw for her was when the entourage tampered with the electricity box during a power cut.  Grobler said she had spent a lot of money repairing it. She refused to renew the lease after two months, fearing that the tenants would burn down her house.  [IOL News]

Hey – cut Rabbi Berland some slack.  He’s too busy with personal grooming to bother with housework!

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