Washington Monsignor Thinking A LOT About Anal Sex

Monsignor Charles Pope, Anal Sex Thought Leader

Mnsr. Charles Pope, Anal Sex Thought Leader

Monsignor Charles Pope, noted sexually well-balanced role model and author of a now-deleted blog post which gives a red-hot tongue lashing to “those who think anal sex is to be celebrated”, is back in action.  The clergyman, whose own genitals presumably dangle forlorn, neglected and cobweb-covered, has nevertheless been thinking a LOT about the horrible-awful gay sex.  In a new 2,000 word post on the official Archdiocese of Washington website, Pope probes deeply and passionately into the “abomination” of adult affection, dutifully copying and pasting passages from his favorite 2,000 year old self-help book — and successfully convincing everyone that he himself is absolutely, positively, not at all inordinately fascinated with the comings and goings of multitudes of enormous penises.

[via Towel Road & BuzzFeed]