Hokey Satanic “Black Mass” Attracts Tens Of Fours (Video)

Adam Daniels, Aspiring Counter-Couture Figure

Adam Daniels, Noted Counter-Couture Figure

Spooky soundtrack from “The Exorcist” and “The Omen”? Check. Unimaginative, clumsily reworded Catholic liturgy? Check. Blasphemous appropriation of (gulp) priestly vestments? Check.  It’s a “black mass” all right!  And while Adam Daniels’ “Satanic Temple” event, organized to “set people free from the influence of God,” was a bust in terms of actual attendance (only 42 people – most likely journalists), it was a slam dunk in the PR stunt department — attracting worldwide media attention, hundreds of hours of cable news blather, and busloads of panicked Christians, who protested outside the event in numbers that dwarfed actual attendees.

Note to Adam: By serving up a steaming platter of red meat to the Christian clergy hucksters you think you’re mocking (but are really just emulating), you energized them and transformed what might have been a lackluster September into a Satanic panic Jesus fund-raising bonanza!  Way to go, dipshit.  [NewsOK]

Watch Adam’s community theatre cringe-fest below: