Beloved Fictional TV Reverend Is Creepy Child Molester IRL


In a tawdry twist on “I’m not a doctor, but I played one on TV”, we now have “I’m a closet kiddie-raper, AND I played one on TV!”

If you ever tuned in to WB’s treacly ’90s Christian propaganda drama “7th Heaven,” you probably noticed the almost eery verisimilitude that mediocre thespian Stephen Collins brought to his role as Reverend Eric Camden.  Just like a real pastor, he used both gentle reassurances and a firm hand to guide his virginal young flock down a temptation-strewn path to on-screen salvation. Now TMZ reports that Collins was just like a real pastor off-screen too, using an awe-inspiring “man of Jesus” schtick to cozy up to children and get his pedophile freak on. Talk about an actor who really commits to “the method”!

Stephen Collins‘ wife accused the actor of using his famous role on “7th Heaven” to gain the trust of two parents so he could molest their kid … and the allegation is stunning because if true it would mean he molested at least one child as recently as 2007.  [TMZ]

Who ever would have guessed???

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