Mormons Get Enchanted Panties In Wad Over “Magic Underwear” (Video)

Mormon Magic UnderwearIt’s rare when a cult is so insecure, it will legitimize the rituals of other superstitions to make itself seem less batshit insane, but not all cults are the Mormons – and they are sick of you laughing at their goddamned magic underwear!

Today the make-pretend Christians released a slickly produced informational video (below) that weaves reverent b-roll of religions that weren’t invented by the child-raping huckster Joseph Smith with footage of one that was (theirs) — thus normalizing LDS within “the rich tapestry of human devotion to god.”

It’s an ostensibly ecumenical four minutes of professional voiceover talent and strategically cast token negroes, the intended takeaway of which is:

“Some people incorrectly refer to temple garments as ‘magical’, or ‘magic underwear.’ These words are not only inaccurate, but are also offensive…” [Mormon Newsroom]

So quit calling their magic underwear “magic underwear” — because it’s bad enough having a dank, swampy crotch all the time from wearing an unnecessary extra layer — without having people laugh at you about it!