Okie Church Serving Free Beer To Fill Empty Pews

Remember that lame, unpopular kid in high school who was so desperate to impress you and be your BFF that he threw a party at his mom’s condo and everyone trashed it but still didn’t like him?  Well now he’s a lame, unpopular church pastor with full-blown alcoholism!

beer-churchOne Tulsa church is offering up frosty beers this Sunday to those who would like to worship the old fashioned way through hymns….

“I think it’s a little surprise for some people here in Oklahoma, but we like to rattle the cage a little bit,” said Evan Taylor, outreach pastor at East Side Christian Church….

It’s a chance to reach a wide demographic of people to ask the questions of what’s happening in our Christian world, what’s happening in our churches, and what’s happening in our community,” said Michael Riggs, senior pastor at First Christian Church of Downtown Tulsa.  [FOX23.com]

A “wide demographic” — spoken like a true direct marketer.