VIDEO: Macho-Douchey Pastor Brags He Punched Smartass Teen

It’s a good thing that shit-for-brains puberteen didn’t dis Pastor’s favorite football team too, or that little atheist pussy would be stone-cold DEAD!

pastor-punchyPastor Eric Dammann of the Bible Baptist Church told his congregation that he punched a boy named Ben in the chest for being a “smart aleck.”

“He was just not taking the Lord seriously. And I went over to him and I went ‘Bam.’ I punched him in the chest as hard as I could. I crumpled the kid. I just crumpled him,” Dammann said.

“I led that man to the Lord, right there,” he concluded. []

Behold, a man so secure in both his faith and masculinity, he positively oozes Christ’s love and compassion: