Egypt Jails Atheist Student For Snarky Facebook Posts

Three years in prison for making a few lousy social media posts?  By that logic, Mark Zuckerberg should be sacrificed to the Great Sphinx of Giza.  Actually, on second thought…

egypt-atheist(CNN) Egypt’s Constitution states that “freedom of belief is absolute,” yet it says nothing about those who don’t believe.

Watchdog groups are asking the predominantly Sunni Muslim nation to reconsider its stance toward atheists after authorities arrested a student and sentenced him to three years in prison for Facebook posts that insulted Islam.

Karim Ashraf Mohamed al-Banna was arrested with a group of people at a cafe in November… Among al-Banna’s posts are a split image of a severely scarred woman and a Quran with the caption, “It’s OK to burn a woman … but it’s NOT OK to burn a book. Something is wrong with your priorities.” Another post carries the caption, “A big reward to whoever represents Islam” and shows several caricatures of bearded men in similar dress pointing at each other, saying, “This person does not represent Islam.”  [CNN International]

Behold, the BLASPHEMOUS MEME that has landed Karim in prison:


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