Penis-Sucking Ultra-Orthodox Mohels Giving Herpes To Infants

It’s strange, because you’d never suspect that a bacteria-infested hole ringed with pastrami-scented whiskers would be anything but perfectly hygienic!

Rabbi Giving Infant Herpes

Another New York infant has contracted herpes from an ultra-Orthodox Jewish practice known as metzitzah b’peh following a ritual circumcision known as brit milah. The practice involves using oral suction to clean the circumcision wound. If the mohel performing the ritual has oral herpes, it can be passed to the infant and can prove fatal.

Circumcision is a common practice among a few religions, but only the ultra-Orthodox Jews engage in this further ritual that exposes the circumcision wound to the unhygenic oral contact. Estimates put the number of post circumcision oral suction cleanings performed at around 3,600 per year in New York City.  [Inquisitr]