Denver Pastor Kicks Lesbian Corpse To Curb Mid-Funeral

Pssssst! Pastor Chavez, weed is legal in Colorado now, and it can really help mellow out those episodes of Closeted Gay Panic Attack Syndrome…


LAKEWOOD — Hundreds of Vanessa Collier’s friends and family gathered Saturday at New Hope Ministries, sitting before an open casket that held the woman they loved, when suddenly the minister overseeing her funeral stopped the service.

The memorial could not continue, Pastor Ray Chavez said, as long as pictures of Collier with the love of her life, the spouse she shared two children with, were to be displayed.

Chavez said there could be no images of Collier with her wife, Christina. There could be no indication that Collier was gay.

Outraged, those who loved Collier, 33, picked up programs, flowers and eventually the dead woman’s casket itself, moving the service to a mortuary that — thankfully, they say — happened to be across the street.

“It was humiliating,” said Victoria Quintana, Collier’s longtime friend. “It was devastating.”  [Denver Post]

Behold, the good Pastor Ray Chavez in his element, laying his soft, Godly hands on man after man after man….