Filipinos Are Shitting Themselves Over The Pope’s Visit (Literally)

In a miracle sure to qualify him for sainthood, not only can Francis fill your heart with love, he can fill your pants with fully digested pork adobo, too.

filipino-diapersMANILA, Philippines (AP) — When Pope Francis visits the Philippines…, traffic enforcers won’t let the capital’s streets get gridlocked if they have to answer the call of nature.

About 2,000 traffic enforcers who will be on duty during the Jan. 15-19 papal visit will be required to wear adult diapers, said Metropolitan Manila Development Authority chairman Francis Tolentino.

Tolentino also encouraged people who will wait for hours to see the pope to also wear diapers….

“If you attend an event that will last for 24 hours, you cannot go around looking for a (portable toilet),” Tolentino said.

Priests, nuns, seminarians, and the elderly also should consider wearing diapers, he said.  [HuffPo Religion]

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