Recently Demoted Cross-Dresser Insists He Is “Manly”

Raymond Burke, who was the highest-ranking U.S. Cardinal before getting smacked down by Pope Francis for being such a sour, insubordinate, gay-bashing closet case, is on a comeback tear — railing against the “feminization” of his beloved Catholic Church.  In a lengthy interview with something called “The New EMANgelization,” the dress-wearing pillar of abstinence offered his expert insights into all things ultra-butch, assuring us all, at great length, that both he and his all-male, sexless profession are absolutely, positively, MANLY.

burke-emangelizationCardinal Burke:  First of all, be manly yourself. In other words, cultivate your own manly qualities, because the priest is first and foremost the spiritual father; he is a man. You need to have manly qualities of selflessness, chivalry and discipline to avoid situations improper for a priest. A priest must have the manly confidence and credibility to be a spiritual father to his flock, giving clear firm guidance with kindness and charity. [The New EMANgelization]