Scientology Elders Screw Pizza Delivery Guys On $2000 Order

Forget the Reactive Mind — if Xenu’s Children are stuffing their Thetan-holes with Poppa John’s, they should be more worried about their Reactive Colons…

scientology-HQLast Friday the folks at the Hollywood Scientology building ordered 180 pizzas — 100 pepperoni, 60 cheese and 20 veggies — from Papa John’s. The bill totaled $2,094.89.

Two delivery guys made 4 separate trips to L. Ron Hubbard’s palace, and when all was said and done, they got nothing. The credit card was for precisely $2,094.89 … not a penny in tip.

Scientology strongly encourages members to give a percentage of their income to the org, yet the pizza guys got 0%.

In the end, the Papa John’s manager gave his guys $10 each for their troubles. [TMZ]

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