Comedian Rabbi Is One Hilarious Child Molester

So the fugitive pedophile rabbi walks into an airport bar.  He says to the bartender, “Grape Manichevitz wine — and make it a double. With a shot of Everclear. To go. In a baby bottle!

Rabbi Frederick Karp

BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — A prominent rabbi is under arrest, charged with sexually abusing a girl multiple times in Baltimore County.

Police say he was taken into custody at the airport just before getting on a plane out of the country…

Rabbi Frederick Karp calls himself a comedian; police call him a sexual predator. Karp, a rabbi from Ohio, is now at the center of a child molestation case.

Charging documents obtained by WJZ show the rabbi faces charges of perverted sexual practice, sexual abuse of a minor and second and third degree sex offense.   [CBS Baltimore]