Catholic Nun With “Stomach Cramps” Squirts Out Baby Boy

Inquiring minds want to know: does this mean Jesus is a cuckold? Or a stone-cold womb-packing stud??

Nun With Stomach Pains Turned Out To Be PregnantA Catholic nun in Italy has given birth to a baby boy — despite living in an all-female community and taking vows of “chastity, poverty and obedience.”

…the unidentified 31-year-old…  went from complaining of “stomach cramps” to delivering a child, Central European News reports.

The nun collapsed from severe pain at the convent and was rushed to a nearby hospital, where doctors discovered the nature of her problem: She was going into labor.

The woman claimed to have no idea that she was pregnant, especially since she lives behind closed doors with only other nuns.

She had joined the nunnery two years ago after traveling to Italy from South America, according to CEN.  [New York Post]