SHOCKER: Sex Is Lousy In Orthodox Jewish Arranged Marriages

What chutzpah! Hasidic women should be ECSTATIC to get mounted by whatever chanting, greasy-bearded slob their parents pimp them out to!

Via the MUST-READ New York Times Feature:

orthodox-sex-counselorShe had come to Marcus’s offices in Midtown Manhattan from a cloistered community in Borough Park, Brooklyn, because she had been recoiling from sex with her husband. There was pain, and… there was no desire….

She’d just found out what and where her clitoris is, after her third child,” Marcus said…

About sexuality, their minds have been kept free of information and infused with fear. “They have zero — zero — connection to pleasure,” Marcus said. “And there’s no vocabulary to start with them. We have an intake form to fill out, and they get to ‘orgasm’ and go to the receptionist and ask, ‘What is this?’ ”…

During the time of her period and for seven days thereafter — for 12 or more days each month, until she was permitted to visit a mikvah and purge herself in the special waters there — she slept apart from her husband and didn’t touch him in any way at any hour. In her tainted state, she didn’t so much as pass a dish of food directly to him, no matter if she took care that their hands made no contact. To touch the same platter at the same moment was forbidden.  [New York Times]

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