Mexican Satanists Stage Spooky Animal Sacrifice For Tourists


What happens when you combine professional-grade theatrical lighting, pyrotechnics, makeup and wardrobe with a garden-variety outdoor carniceria?  Requisite white panic, naturally….

Via Daily Mail UK:

Horrified tourists have told of their shock and disgust after attending a devil-worshipping ‘Black Mass’ in Mexico.

They looked on as chicken and goats were sacrificed before their fresh blood was poured over participants who had pledged their souls to Satan.

At the twisted cult’s annual ‘Black Mass’ in the Mexican state of Veracruz, people from across the world to seek change in their lives by taking part in devil worship….

‘The next step would be human sacrifice’, the American told MailOnline, ‘and I frankly think these people have done it’…

Michelle, who comes from Austin, Texas was at the ceremony in an attempt to improve her own psychic powers, which she claims have helped her to locate the souls of over one hundred kidnap victims.

Cabra Asado Burrito, por favor…

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