God Commands Pastor To Impregnate 20 Young Girls & Married Women

Via Inquistr:

Nigerian Pastor Impregnates 20A pastor from Nigeria who impregnated 20 woman from his church claims he had sex with the women because the Holy Spirit told him to.

The alleged religious man, Timothy Ngwu, has been arrested by police for abusing young girls and married women at the Vineyard Ministry of the Holy Trinity in the African country of Nigeria…
The pastor claims he never had sex with any married woman who didn’t get express permission from her husband to sleep with Ngwu. He even alleged that two women in particular, Calista Omeje and Assumpta Odo, both left their husbands to live with the pastor based on the “holy commands.”  [more]
Clearly, the Good Pastor’s biggest transgression is that he bothered to get “permission” from husbands, when he already had explicit instructions from The Almighty to cuckold the shit out of those losers!

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