Rabbi’s Goons Dished Out Beatings & Forced Divorces

Via NJ.com

Rabbi Mendel EpsteinTRENTON —A Lakewood rabbi accused of arranging forced divorces orchestrated the beating of a Brooklyn man and demanded $50,000 for his work, a convicted Jewish religious leader said on Wednesday.

In the ongoing federal conspiracy trial of Rabbi Mendel Epstein, David Wax detailed the roles of three of the four men accused of resorting to violence in exchange for large sums of cash to extract divorces from unwilling husbands…

Epstein, a prominent rabbi who specializes in divorce proceedings, is on trial along with his son and rabbis Binyamin Stimler and Jay Goldstein, on conspiracy and kidnapping charges that grew out of a federal undercover sting. Prosecutors allege the elder Epstein ordered the beatings while others carried them out. [more]