7 Orthodox Jewish Children Killed In Sabbath Hotplate Fire

On the bright side, at least the parents didn’t piss off Yahweh by touching any sinful electrical switches; he might have incinerated them ALL alive instead of just seven innocent children!

Via The New York Times:

hot-plate-fireA hot plate warmed food in the darkened kitchen in Brooklyn, allowing an Orthodox Jewish mother to feed her family while observing the Sabbath prohibition on lighting a flame. Upstairs, she and eight children slept.

That small convenience led to the city’s deadliest fire in eight years, after flames that began in the kitchen ripped through the home, trapping seven children ages 5 to 16 in their bedrooms, as their mother and a 15-year-old sister, cloaked in thick smoke, jumped out of second-floor windows. They were the only two survivors.

The authorities attributed the fire to an unknown malfunction in the electric hot plate, a device often used by observant Jewish families to keep food warm from sundown on Friday, the start of the Sabbath, until its end on Saturday night.  [more]