Cardinals & Rabbis Laser-Focused On Icelandic Baby Penises

With Iceland poised to ban male genital mutilation – a.k.a. “circumcision” – the world’s most notorious and prolific baby penis mutilators are getting their dank manties in a real twist!

Via Crux:

cardinal-weinerROME – Reacting to a proposal in Iceland by members of five different political parties to criminalize the circumcision of boys, the head of the Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the EU (COMECE) has decried the measure as a “dangerous attack on freedom of religion.”

Cardinal Reinhard Marx of Munich, a close adviser of Pope Francis as a member of the pontiff’s “C9” council of cardinals, issued the statement on Tuesday, expressing his solidarity with members of the Jewish and Muslim communities which practice circumcision as part of their religious traditions.

Via Arutz Sheva:

rabbi-baby2The move was swiftly condemned by the Conference of European Rabbis. “Circumcision is an important and critical part of Jewish life and there is no authority in the world that can forbid Jews from fulfilling this important mitzvah,” said President Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt.

“Even though the Jewish population in Iceland is small, it is impossible to ignore the dangerous precedent set by this law and the implications that may lead to other countries,” Rabbi Goldschmidt continued. “We call upon the decision-makers to immediately cancel this horrible legislation and to support Jewish life without restrictions”.

How comforting that with all the clergy’s profound and bitter differences over invisible things in the sky, they can still close ranks and agree to preserve their privileges to fondle and maim sweet, teeny-tiny boy weiners.