Imam Exorcist Battles Demon-Possessed Woman Over IKEA Table

And here we always assumed the Catholics had a monopoly on this flavor of cray-cray…




RARE footage captured the moment an Imam performed an exorcism on an Islamic woman believed to be carrying an evil spirit.

The fully-veiled woman kneels on the floor of a mosque before she begins retching and thrashing around on a sofa, as Imam Ayoud Tayeb attempts to rid her of what’s know as the “jinn”.

The exorcism is one of around 3,000 performed by 42-year-old Imam Ayoub during the last three years.

An exorcism takes roughly an hour to perform – with Imam Ayoub charging a £60 fee which is used to fund the mosque. [more]

Yes,  that averages out to 2.73 exorcisms PER DAY, with net £180,000 ($250,000 US). You’d think Imam Ayoub might be flush enough to spring for something a little sturdier than ye olde $9.99 birch-veneer LACK side table.  That said, things looks impressively immaculate for a room where 20 vomit-spewing demons are purged every week. Color us 100% convinced the good Imam is NOT totally full of shit!