Rabbi: All Women Are “Weak-Minded, Just Babble”

So listen up ladies, if you want to be smart, you need to chant the same moldy scrolls non-stop for a few decades — AND grow a little schlong I can schnip!

Via Times of Israel:

rabbi-feministIn footage broadcast by Hadashot news on Tuesday, Rabbi Yosef Kelner was seen disparaging women with careers as “gorillas” to yeshiva students at the West Bank settlement of Eli.

“They are weak-minded. They just babble, that’s it. Women’s babble,” Kelner told students….

He went on to assert that women were less intelligent than men, and pointed to the fact that there were more male Nobel laureates than female ones.

“Just because they send them en masse to universities they’re suddenly all great geniuses? No!”



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