Rabbi Gets 7.5 Years For “Relaxation Treatment” Rapes

Let us pray that Rabbi Sheinberg’s incarceration proves equally “relaxing” for him…

Via Times of Israel:

rabbi-sheinbergA total of 14 women made allegations against Sheinberg to a special investigation team and police suspect that many other victims were afraid to come forward.

He was arrested on July 1, 2015, as he attempted to flee the country as allegations against him emerged. He has been in prison since that time.

According to prosecutors at the time, Sheinberg used his position of prominence and reputation as a powerful mystic to lure in and take advantage of women who came to him for religious counsel and blessings for fertility when they struggled to conceive.

They alleged that the victims shared a number of characteristics: they were young religious women whose husbands, in most cases, were Sheinberg’s students at the seminary.

Part of his modus operandi involved convincing the victims that only he could provide a solution to their problems, through a treatment he dubbed “relaxation.”

Sheinberg’s wife… knew her husband had sex with the women, but that the sex was part of their therapy.

Oh Mrs. Sheinberg, you poor dear. That whole lousy orthodox sex thing ain’t no joke, is it?