California Pastor On The Run After Raping Pre-Teen Girl At Motel

Pastor Douglas Rivera of “God’s Gypsy Christian Church” took to Instagram to insist “I did not do nothing wrong.” Hope his lawyer is better than his English.

Via CBS Los Angeles:

Police say Rivera drove through the Vanllee Hotel parking lot until he saw a lit room with the drapes open Wednesday night. He then parked the truck facing inside of the room, where two preteen girls on a school trip from China were staying.

Rivera allegedly masturbated while watching the two girls, then got out of the truck and stood outside their window pretending to be on the phone for more than 30 minutes, police said.

He then walked through the hotel and forced his way into the room once the girls opened the door, believing it was their chaperone, police said. One girl was assaulted before Rivera took off in his truck. [more]


Below is the good pastor in happier times on his YouTube channel, where you can suffer literally hundreds of hours of his generic narcissistic prattling about Jebus and the bible.