Orthodox Jews Embracing Alt-Right White Supremacy En Masse


Wait, you mean a group of racially homogeneous zealots who totally self-sequester in order to lead a unidimensional existence of pathologically fixating on exclusionary dogma can surrender to a mindset which demonizes the other?  Oy gavalt!

Via Elad Nehorai’s Must-Read Essay @ Forward:

Something disturbing has been happening in the Orthodox world. White Nationalist language is infiltrating our public spaces. It’s happening in our synagogues, in our communities, in our schools and, of course, online. And those of us who see it are looking on in increasing horror…

It’s the philosophy of white nationalism that justifies racism, and it’s spreading like a virus among many Orthodox Jews…

A significant group of Jews have moved from casual racism to an embrace of all-but-the-anti-Semitic aspects of modern white nationalist philosophy, with many of the assumptions and talking points that go with it.

Since a majority of Orthodox Jews voted for Trump, they are the only group in the United States reporting growing approval ratings of Trump — up to 71%, according to AJC. So approving are they that immediately following the neo-Nazi march in Charlottesville, Virginia, and Trump’s subsequent defense of white supremacists with the claim that some neo-Nazis are “fine people”, there was the same deafening silence from Orthodox leadership…  [Read more]