Megachurch Bilks Waitress On Tip For $750 Steak Dinner

christ-fellowship-outbackHey, sometimes little (financially self-serving) mistakes happen, especially when you’re eager to dig in to a decadently gluttonous feast to worship the skinny hippy who preached charity and poverty!


PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. (WFLA) – A server at an Outback Steakhouse in Palm Beach Gardens said she was fired after posting an angry rant on her Facebook page.

On Wednesday, Tamlynn Yoder, 25, said she helped members of Christ Fellowship, a local mega church with a delivery order. The church ordered 75 items, including 25 steaks, 25 chicken dinners and 25 sides of potatoes, and couldn’t bother to leave her a tip on their $735 bill, she claimed.

“When I brought it out and put it in the car and received the payment, there was no gratuity. I got upset. I posted a post on Facebook about the church not leaving a gratuity tip,” Tamalyn told WPTV. “We live off of tips. If we don’t have that then we have nothing.” Yoder said she only received $18 in tips that day from other orders because she was occupied with the mega church’s order.

The following day, Yoder said she was fired and the church received a full refund. [more]

Behold below, the totally genuine and selfless lead pastors of Christ Fellowship, all camera-ready in casually stylish outfits that subconsciously assure the worshipper, “Yo, it’s totes normal that my spiritual leaders look like cast-offs from the local Action News morning show. I’ll make the checks out to ‘CASH’!”