Native Americans Sue TSA For Touching Emotional Support Trinkets


Rejoice, weary traveler – for now in addition to enduring a veritable Noah’s Arc of “support” beasts at 30,000 feet, you can look forward to a cabin festooned with magic dreamcatchers and peyote cacti…


Iron Rope had placed his sacred objects, including his staff, gourd, rattle, feathers and fans, inside the box and feared the TSA agents would damage the objects. “He wanted to be the one that physically manipulated anything,” said Forrest Tahdooahnippah, his attorney. “He was willing to allow a visual inspection of anything in the box.”

The agents, however, were adamant and began pulling the sacred objects out of the box. As they finished their inspection and began placing the objects back inside the box, they bent some of Iron Rope’s feathers….

In February 2017, he and the Native American Church of North America (NACNA) filed a lawsuit against the TSA, alleging violations of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and Iron Rope’s civil rights as a result of the February 2015 airport incident. On January 26, he and his church settled the lawsuit with the federal agency.



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