“Smart” Prayer Beads Help Buddhists Pious-Brag On Social Media

Because nothing says Buddhist modesty, enlightenment and nirvana quite like a personal bot shrieking one’s private spiritual minutiae into the black void of Facehole and Twitstagram…

Via Hong Kong Economic Journal:

smart-prayer-beadsTaiwanese computer and technology firm Acer is set to launch a new smart product: Buddhist prayer beads that automatically count the number of times a mantra is recited and transfer merits to a social media platform.

It’s reported that the Buddhist beads have already received tens of thousands of orders even before the official launch…


Major Buddhist groups have all adopted modern management systems and have set up dedicated teams to manage their official websites and social media platforms.

The smart Buddhist beads also come with fintech functions for electronic payments, facilitating donations and offering discounts at certain shops and restaurants in the Buddhist community.  more]

Cue “For The Love Of Money“….