Illegal Alien Cambodian Monks Busted Reselling Alms


HELPFUL NOTE TO MONKS: To evade detection by annoying police, most petty criminals exercise the common precaution of not dressing like neon traffic cones.

Via The Nation (Thailand):

Immigration Police rounded up six Cambodian monks on Wednesday following public complaints that they allegedly asked some women to sell to construction workers the food they had obtained from alms collecting. 

Officers apprehended the six Cambodian monks at their makeshift hut. Although the monks could show their Buddhist monk identification cards, they didn’t have passports, so police deemed them as having illegally entered the country.

Police took them to Wat Thamsamakkhee in Southern Pattaya, where they were defrocked, before taken them into custody to face the illegal entry charge. They would then be deported, Songprod said. [more]