Trailer Park Death Cult Leader Jailed On 5 Counts Sexual Assault & Kidnapping


Via ABC News 4:

 has been arrested on multiple charges, including three counts of 1st degree criminal sexual conduct, and one count of 3rd degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor...

Court records show Stair also was in August 2002 charged with illegally moving dead bodies and burying them on his property without notifying authorities, but that case later was dropped…

Stair’s most devout followers live with him in a commune setting at the Overcomer Ministry property, according to the church’s website, “with common baths and common eating, all seeking to live together in love for God and each other.” “We go nowhere, no shopping, or trips to see what have you. Your life will be here on the farm until Jesus comes.” [more]

The Overcomer Ministry website is truly not to be missed. Highlights include the brochure of community guidelines, including such choice nuggets such as:

The residents recognize the practice of shunning as necessary in correcting the unrepentant and insubordinate.

The residents recognize expulsion from the community as a sanction of last resort for the rebelliously unrepentant.

The community sizzle reel has a charming “Jonestown meets the Branch Davidians” vibe:


And photos don’t lie: it’s clear everyone at Overcomer Ministry is having a ball!


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Countdown to the inevitable Kool-Aid party in ten…. nine…. eight…