Two Kiddy-Diddler Priests Ousted In Pennsylvania

twofer-pa-priestsAnd Father Kerins was only 27. How is Pedophilia, Inc. supposed to replenish its ranks if all the promising young talent gets shown the door?


The Diocese has announced that two priests, Father David Poulson, 64, and Father Sean Kerins, 27, have been removed from the Erie Catholic Diocese.  According to a memo from the Diocese, the two have been “prohibited from any public ministry, as well as from any contact with minors”.

They tell us the situations are unrelated.  In the case of Poulson, who was the pastor of St. Anthony of Padua Parish in Cambridge Springs, the Diocese received what they said they believe “to be credible allegations against [him] regarding the sexual abuse of minors”….

In the case involving Father Sean Kerins, Chaplain at Kennedy Catholic High School in Hermitage and Church of the Good Shepherd Parish in West Middlesex, Kerins allegedly inappropriately texted a student at Kennedy… Kerins has been removed and ordered to have no contact with minors while law enforcement conducts their own investigation. [more]

TWO cases in one diocese in just one week? What are the odds??? Oh, right…