Ultra-Orthodox Jews: Mixed-Gender Swimming Worse Than Incest!


Just so the logic is clear: penises and vaginas can be submerged in the same water at different times, but if they are submerged simultaneously, said water becomes FILTHY, presumably from all the SEX JUICES everyone will be gushing because it’s such a HOT TURN-ON to be in a public pool choked with chlorine and screaming children. Get it?

Via Haaretz (Israel):

Mixed-gender swimming is as serious as incest or violating the Sabbath, a lawyer representing a group of residents of the West Bank settlement of Kiryat Arba told the High Court of Justice at a hearing on Sunday. The lawyer was arguing for the court’s rejection of a petition that several hours a week be set aside for mixed swimming in the settlement’s only pool. Currently there is strict gender separation at the pool, with males and females using the pool at different times.

The High Court petition seeking the slots for mixed swimming was filed several months ago by a group of residents who claim that the current ban on mixed swimming at Kiryat Arba’s pool constitutes extreme religious coercion.

“There are ultra-Orthodox and religious people in Kiryat Arba that for them a mixed-gender pool is worse than scarifying your life, it’s worse than desecrating the Shabbat. It’s like living in a pigsty,” one of the residents told the court. [more]