Hindu Mob Forces “Witches” To Eat Human Excrement

In the Indian state of Jharkhand, 42 women were murdered as “witches” in 2017. Yeah but did you hear that in America, Aziz Ansari offered a woman white wine when she prefers red???

Via Gulf News India:

tonsured-witchesAs per reports, the victims identified as Karo Devi, 65 and her daughter Basanti Devi, 35, were dragged out of their homes on Thursday morning and presented before a village court at which they were branded as “witches”. Subsequently, they had their heads shaven and were also forced to consume human excreta.

Subsequently, they were taken to a local river where their bangles were broken. They were then told to discard the clothes they were wearing and take a dip in the river. They were given new white clothes — which are symbols of widowhood in Hindu mythology — to wear before allowing them to go to home…

According to an official report, altogether 183 women have been killed in Jharkhand in the past four years over witchcraft allegations. The shocking revelation came when the home ministry informed the Rajya Sabha in December last year. Of them, 42 women were killed in 2017 itself, according to the report. [more]

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