Menses-Drinking “Healer” Might Just Be A Hippy Prostitute

womb-witchBali-based Nadine Lee, a self-taught expert in “menstruation magic,” (because all the accredited programs were full) has had an exciting week, scoring press around the world, including a UK tabloid trifecta with write-ups in The Sun, The Mirror, and Daily Mail. All three outlets took the “womb witch” bait, presumably via press release, of her exhortation to the world’s women to drink their own menstrual blood. OMG RIGHT?  Totes Clicky McClickbait! But what’s this comely lass really selling?

Two tidbits in the Daily Mail piece jump out:

She graduated from meditation, to yoga, to tantric healing and spell work, which she says led her to the ancient Shamanic traditions of blood magic.

She also offers her services online and in workshops to people from America and Australia, spanning the ages of 25 – 35, at a ratio of 60 per cent women and 40 per cent men.

Hmmmm. So in-person tantric healing services, limited to taut-bodied persons aged 25-35. And 40% male — because, of course men are eager to get in touch with their own menstrual power.

Popping over to the website for Nadine’s personal single, Tantric Alchemy, she presents as a kind of downmarket Gwynneth Paltrow, shilling a homespun schtick of mashed-up pagan and south asian mysticism – replete with gauzy come-hither portraits. Things really snap into focus though on the “Tantric Embodiment Sessions” page, which is a bit of a tour de force of innuendo and veiled references, with Nadine beckoning from a bed while promising to “unblock” your physical body’s “flow of life.” Ahem. Excerpts below:


Surrender to being held by a neutral other. Nadine supports clients who are ready to step into their fullness, release what is no longer serving & embody their ultimate potential.

Blocked up energy gets locked in the seat of our Sacral & Base chakras. Dense emotions such as fear, guilt, shame, riddle us with blocks that affect us simply following/knowing our primal desires, understanding what our being is needing in any given moment & allowing our creative potential to express.


Masculine Embodiment: Circulating energy throughout the body; Release blocks consciously/unconsciously stored in the body/psyche; Increase your clarity; Establish a healthy recconnection to your self, through bringing your being into full presence.


Individual Sessions

Investment: AU $200. Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours.

But fellas – how will you know if this “Tantric Emodiment Session” really offers, um, the “release” it promises?  While Nadine’s “Client Testimonials” section begins with a perfunctory initial batch of female reviews, it quickly gets to the, um, meat of the matter:


“After my sessions with Nadine, I feel so good. So much more present, aware and in my body. I returned to work and all my employees are happy because I was in a relaxed state, and made for a more pleasant work environment, which resulted in greater productivity and harmony in the business. As a director of a large company, I realise it all flows down from me. If I am in a good space, my employees and the culture is in a good space; and a happy and healthy work culture is created. These sessions are powerful, to tap back into our natural state of being, relaxed and at peace, to allow energy to flow freer in the body”. Chris. 48. Managing Director.

“After completing my sessions with Nadine; I now am more present, more aware, relaxed within my self. I found the practices so beneficial, now allowing me to be able to be more present in life.”Andrew. 47. Engineer.

“Heading out to my sessions with Nadine I was a little nervous & unsure what to expect, however as soon as I met Nadine with her warm energy and friendly personality I was put at ease & felt comfortable. The session itself was intense inner work & highly recommended. What I learned or took away with me from the session is that we should try & live in the moment, through our senses and not through our preconceived ideas, that way we see and appreciate everything for what it really is and life becomes a true and rich experience. I left the session with Nadine feeling clear headed and re-energized. It is quite hard to put into words and has to be experienced to be understood.” Rick. 33. Electrician.

(We’re preserving a PDF copy of the full page here, before the Bali Vice Squad shuts Nadine down.)

So what, are we trying to imply something here? A tawdry rub-n-tug operation masquerading as culturally appropriated quasi-religiosity? Heavens no! At Pop Heathen, we firmly believe that any “healer” invoking “magic” while promising “release” should always be given the credence and respect they deserve.