Amish Spiked Horseshoes Trashing Wisconsin Roads

amish-buggy-wisconsinBecause it’s not enough to merely eschew modern transportation — the Lord demands that you slowly, methodically grind all that showy pavement back into manure-choked rivers of mud!


TAYLOR COUNTY, Wis. (WAOW) – – Highway officials say spiked horseshoes used by the Amish community are damaging Wisconsin roads. The spikes make it easier for horses pulling the buggies to gain traction.

Representative Kathy Bernier introduced a bill regulating spiked horseshoe use during summer months. It does not ban them completely but limits the size…

The bill would also include a $25 fine for second-time offenders, but officials say it isn’t enough.

According to Sackman, the cost to repave the the roads in Taylor County would cost around $190,000 per mile. [more]