Cool Christian Rock Pastor Revealed As Serial Kiddy-Humper

When a Jesus-shiller’s personal brand emphasizes his head-banging cred, odds are pretty decent he’s banging a few other things, too.


Harry L. Thomas, a Medford Township church pastor, has been arrested and accused of abusing four minors over a 16-year period.

The 74-year-old Medford resident is the pastor at Come Alive Church, which was founded in 1983, and is also a national Christian figure known for his role in establishing the largest Christian music festival in the country

Thomas has long combined his music with his faith, and is a “disc jockey-turned-pastor,” according to the Religion News Service.

Thomas once defended a family accused of starving their children. [more]

A little Googling also turns up some of pastor’s original ’80s jams. Below, you can thrill to the dulcet tones of Harry covering Bruce Cockburn’s “Lord of the Starfields.” Close your eyes and imagine the groovy shepherd’s pudgy fingers and crumb-flecked beard swaying to the Casio keyboard rhythm, spreading the Good News to New Jersey’s nubile, music-loving youth!


Alas, it seems the good pastor’s precious “Come Alive” church, has, um, gone dead: