Thrice-Married Glutton: Atheism More Dangerous Than ISIS!

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 10.43.20 AMOh look, it’s porcine “wedge issue” merchant Newt Gingrigh, touting pauper Jesus again from a gilded dais at the Ritz-Carlton!

Via Naples Daily News:

The Republican from Georgia addressed about 300 people at The Ritz-Carlton for the annual Speaker Event dinner of the Ave Maria School of Law.

“The rise of a secular, atheist philosophy” in the West is “an equally or even more dangerous threat” to Christianity than terrorist organizations that will kill Christians if “they don’t submit,” Gingrich said…

He said he did not think the two factions in America can be brought together.

“Eventually, it will be resolved, one way or the other,” Gingrich said. “One side will win; one side will lose.

“Either the radical secularists will succeed in controlling the government and driving religion out of American life, or the people who believe in faith will succeed in controlling government and insist that you cannot impose radical values on American people.” [more]

To wit, Newt is predicting an American holy war that will conclude with the establishment of a theocracy.

Which reminds us, Newt’s animatronic Stepford bot wife Callista was appointed ambassador to the Vatican not too long ago. Wonder how she is emulating Jesus these days?

How nice – a Valentines meal at DC’s elite L’Augerge Chez Francois, famous for its $170 Chateaubriand.  GOD IS SO GREAT, indeed.