Mormon Prophet To Nubile Youth: Satan Knows Our “Enticing” Appetites


Yes, yes — “our appetites” for all that hot kinky sex are very “enticing,” but “ultimate safety” lies in cinching your magic underwear tight as a chastity belt, so you don’t fuck up and FORFEIT your own planet Kolob!

Via Salt Lake Tribune:

The LDS Church’s 93-year-old president shared with Mormon millennials some advice for joyous living: “your ultimate safety in this life lies in never taking the first enticing step toward going where you should not go and doing what you should not do.”

Satan turns natural human appetites into desires and actions that derail the best of spiritual intentions, Nelson warned young adults who had gathered at four Las Vegas-area LDS meetinghouses for a “fireside.”

“These appetites are absolutely essential for the perpetuation of life. So, what does [Satan] do?” Nelson asked. “He attacks us through our appetites. He tempts us to eat things we should not eat, to drink things we should not drink, and to love as we should not love.” [more]