Retired King Of Pedophiles Confirms His Inevitable Death


Via Catholic News:

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — “I am on a pilgrimage toward Home,” retired Pope Benedict XVI wrote, capitalizing the Italian word “casa” or “home.”

Almost exactly five years after announcing his intention to be the first pope in nearly 600 years to resign, Pope Benedict wrote the letter to a journalist from the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

“I am touched to know how many of the readers of your newspaper want to know how I am experiencing this last period of my life,” the 90-year-old retired pope wrote. “In that regard, I can only say that, with the slow diminishing of my physical strength, inwardly I am on a pilgrimage toward Home.” [more]

Thanks for the update, Mr. Ratzinger. And what an inspiring pilgrimage it is: lounging around a rent-free 13th century papal castle in those trademark flaming red Prada loafers…