Sufi Dervishes Kill 5 Iranian Police In Mass Protests


Via Radio Free Europe:

Five security officers have been killed and 300 people arrested amid clashes between law enforcement authorities and Sufi Muslim protesters in Tehran, police say.

Footage circulating on social media and broadcast by state television showed a bus plowing into a group of police officers in northern Tehran…

On February 20, police spokesman Saeed Montazer Almehdi said two members of the paramilitary Basij force, which is linked to the hard-line conservative Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), were also killed.

“Two of our dear Basijis were martyred by the superstitious cult,” Almehdi was quoted as saying… [more]

Superstitious cult, indeed! So please don’t confuse it with the larger cult known as Shia, or the even larger one called Islam, or its even larger progenitor: Abrahamic Monotheism. Guys, it’s such a bummer when your mystical nesting doll of a faith sprinters into all these bickering little factions!

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