Sword-Wielding Muslim Decapitates Jesus In Church Attack

decapitated-jesusVerily, this whole “turning the other (plaster) cheek” thing is not paying dividends for the Lord…

Via Voice of America News:

A sword attack at a Catholic church by a Muslim assailant this week in the Indonesian city of Yogyakarta injured four people during Sunday Mass, a disturbing sectarian episode in a country that has typically seen communities of various faiths live together without incident.

This wasn’t the first such attack on a church in Indonesia; there were two other knife attacks in the cities of Medan and Samarinda in 2016.

Police shot and wounded the 22-year-old male assailant, Suliono, at St. Lidwina Bedog church in Yogyakarta’s Sleman District. His victims include an 81-year-old German priest; all four who were wounded are now reportedly in stable condition. He also decapitated statues of Jesus and the Virgin Mary. [more]