Hindu Temple Workers Stiffed $66K, Forced To Sleep In Boiler Room


Sridurka Hindu Temple’s chief priest Rev. Kanaswami Thiagarajahkurukkal

Via CBC News:

Two migrant workers from India who say they faced harsh living conditions and were drastically underpaid as sculptors at a Hindu religious charity organization in Toronto are seeking thousands of dollars in unpaid wages from the Carnforth Road-based temple.

In a complaint to Ontario’s Ministry of Labour, a copy of which has been obtained by CBC News, Sekar Kurusamy and Suthakar Masilamani allege the Sridurka Hindu Temple owes them $66,121.74 in unpaid wages, unpaid public holiday pay, unpaid vacation pay and termination pay from Sridurka Hindu Temple…

The men said that for a six-month period, from April 2017 to October 2017, they started work at 8 a.m., without being fed, and no food was made available until two to three hours into the shift. They said they sculpted and painted one of the most holy parts of the temple during the day, and by night, they would languish in the basement of the building, sleeping on cots by the boiler.[more]

Oh pish-posh, silly low-caste laborers! Samsara’s a bitch, so if you’re being victimized, no doubt it’s just karmic paypack for something awful YOU DID in a past life. SO DEAL.

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