Zillionaire Founder & CEO of McJesus Inc. Dead At 99


Billy Graham, who pioneered the showy, jet-setting religiosity of raking in a fortune while pantomiming the gospel of a humble, poverty-espousing Messiah, blinked out into an eternity of meaningless blackness overnight. Despite a lifetime of feverishly mumbled prayers imploring the Almighty for an afterlife lounging on clouds flanked by hot buxom angels, his pious brand of money changing had earned him a spot on the 8 Richest Pastors In America list, with a net worth of $25 Million, thereby DOOMING him to the fate he himself acknowledged:

Via “Billy Graham’s Answers” on BillyGraham.org:

Q: When we die, does an angel accompany us into Heaven? I’ve heard this all my life, but is it really true? How do we know?

A: Yes, the Bible indicates that when a believer dies, the angels will escort them safely into Heaven.

In one of His parables, for example, Jesus told about two very different men. One was a rich man, who lived only for himself and ignored both God and others. The other was a poor beggar who had nothing as far as this world’s goods were concerned, but had faith in God and His promises. When the rich man died, he received what he deserved: a life of misery, separated from God forever. But when the poor man died, the angels accompanied him safely into God’s presence. (You can read this parable in Luke 16:19-31.) [more]

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  1. Rich ignored God and the poor had faith in God. Relationship with God and not money was the difference