African Fetish Priest Terrorizes Villagers, Seizing Land & Livestock

fetish-priest-kofi-afenaAs liaisons to the dead, African “fetish priests” – a.k.a. “witch doctors”, or more simply “charlatans” – enjoy serious respect in the bush. Except when they don’t, in which case they will fuck your shit up!

Via Ghana News Agency:

KUMASI – Nwoase, a community in the Wenchi Municipality is enveloped in tension over alleged cruelty of a self-acclaimed ‘chief priest’ of the powerful Kwaku Fri Shrine.

Nana Kofi Afena is accused of grabbing farms, seizing livestock and property of anybody perceived to be opposed to his moves to take over the shrine. Many are reportedly fleeing the place for fear of their lives.

Opanin Yaw Asafo-Adjei, an elder of the town and a member of the family that owns the shrine, has now sought refuge in Kumasi… He said things were spiraling out of control and spoke of savage violence on helpless people by gangs of marauding young men paid by Nan Afena. [more]

Some Googling provides juicy background:

Via The Ghanian Times: (April 6, 2016)

About 400 natives of Nwoase… have been banished from the town by some elders in the area for the past one year, for refusing to recognise a new fetish priest in the area…

Speaking to The Ghanaian Times on the issue, a spokesperson for the aggrieved persons, Charles Asante, a farmer, indicated that they could not accept the new fetish priest because per the tradition of the town, it should take three years for a new fetish priest to be nominated by the gods.

According to him, Nana Kofi Afena elected himself to become the new fetish priest of the town and those who did not support him were attacked and beaten by some elders from his camp and then banished from the town. [more]

My, this Nwoase and its “Kwaku Fri Shrine” sound like lovely places to visit, no? You can book your tour through Ghana Expeditions, which promises:

The famous Kwaku Fri Shrine is only 6km from Wenchi Townat Nwoase village. It is open to visitors on Wednesdays and Sundays only. The shrine is reputed to cure many diseases and ailments including the dreaded HIV/AIDS.  

AIDS cured! No need for condoms! How convenient for the fetish priests be able to self-heal, on account of who knows what kind of junk-deforming STIs you end up catching from your ritual human sex slaves. Via Wikipedia:

Fetish priests usually live and worship their gods in enclosed places, called a fetish shrine. The fetish shrine is a simple mud hut with some kind of enclosure or fence around it. The priest or priestess (in the case of a female) performs rituals to consult and seek the favor from his gods in the shrine. The rituals are performed with money, liquor, animals, and in some places, human sex slaves called trokosi, fiashidi, or woryokwe. 

Try as we might, we couldn’t unearth any video of Nana Kofi Afena himself, but below are a couple other fetish priests found on YouTube, who give a nice sense of the profession’s methodology and efficacy.

This concludes today’s lesson in Batshit Crazy 101.