Archbishop’s Gallbladder Explodes While Meeting Sexual Abuse Victims


Archbishop Charles Scicluna

Hmmmm – whatever could it be about this scenario that might inspire God Almighty to detonate the organ dedicated to collecting and storing BILE? The mind reels….

Via Voice of America:

The special envoy sent by Pope Francis to investigate allegations that a bishop had covered up sex abuse underwent gallbladder surgery Wednesday in Chile, church officials said.

Maltese archbishop Charles Scicluna was stable and conscious after the surgery and his hospital recovery will take between 48 and 72 hours, the curia for Scicluna’s archdiocese in Malta said in a brief statement issued by a Chilean hospital.

Scicluna entered the hospital Tuesday after starting his interviews with victims and others opposed to the appointment of a bishop accused of covering up for the country’s most notorious pedophile priest

Scicluna came to Chile to investigate complaints about Bishop Juan Barros. The case has dented the reputation of Pope Francis, who sparked outrage in Chile during a recent visit by strongly defending Barros and saying accusations against him were slander. [more]