Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Stages Epic Traveling Hindu Minstrel Show

trudeau-hindu-minstrel-showDreamy young Canuck Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just wrapped up a week-long trip to India, replete with oodles of namastes, non-tone-deaf costume changes and photo ops at Hindu temples. JT’s rabid fans already can’t wait to see the dynastic millennial’s wardrobe on his next state visit — hopefully to Papua New Guinea or the Brazilian Amazon!

Justin Trudeau Twitter India

Meanwhile, back in the Great White North…

VICE Canada:

Try imagining Indian PM Narendra Modi hanging out in Ottawa for a week alternately dressed like a cowboy or a Mountie or a French Canadian biker, and you’ll have some idea of how obnoxious it was to watch Justin Trudeau traipse around the subcontinent playing ethnic dress up. [more]


[The trip] is best described as a slow-moving train wreck … Very little substance has come out of it and very little actually will emerge from this visit apart from some nice photo ops,” [Vivek] Dehejia told CNBC on Wednesday. [more]