Patient of “Healer” Dies Following Delish Meal Of Poison Roots & Dog Meat

All you “spiritual medicine” haters can say what you will, but there’s no denying that the patient’s “breathing difficulties” are behind him…

Via Phnom Pen Post:

The healer, Khan Sophal, could face up to three years in prison after a batch of tree root medicine – meant to alleviate breathing difficulties – allegedly claimed a life on February 14.

According to Sou Bunthoeun, deputy police chief in charge of crime of in Teuk Chhou district, Sam Vanna, 60, and a man known only by the name Huot, 50, fell victim to the poisonous product after mixing it with rice wine and drinking it alongside a meal of dog meat.

During questioning, Sophal said he prepared wild poisonous tree roots called eoung chhean, or kao, for Vanna, claiming heinstructed him to put the roots in rice wine for 10 days before serving, warning that “if you drink it immediately, you will die”. Sophal claimed Vanna was poisoned because he did not follow the healer’s advice. [more]

Stupid patient! You drank the noxious poison the wrong way!