Turkish Atheist Funeral Requires Military Security Detail

atheist-funeralIn “secular” Turkey, atheists are still so despised, even the DEAD ones face violence – at their own public funerals (which themselves are so rare, they attract astonished media coverage).

Via Hurriyet Daily News:

An atheist man who died in the Ayvalık district of the western district of Ayvalık has been buried in a cemented grave along with his personal belongings, forgoing a religious ceremony in line with his will.

Atila Yüksel was 76 years old when he died of a heart attack on Feb. 20, Doğan News Agency reported.

In accordance with his will, the bottom and all four sides of the grave were cemented and it was sealed with concrete plates after the coffin was lowered.

The late man’s wife, Nafiye Yüksel who lives in the neighboring province of İzmir, his son, municipal officials, and cemetery workers were present at the time of the burial. The family also called the local gendarmerie force for security.  [more]

A concrete sarcophagus? Talk about a flipping a spirited posthumous bird to Islamic burial traditions. Our hats are off you, Mr. Yüksel.

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